Jul 29, 2020 • 55M

8: Ep. 08 - How to campaign with 5 kids

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The North Star
Many see Shaun King on the frontlines of America's movement for police accountability and civil rights. What is less visible is how this very public fight shows up in the private lives of those leading the movement. In this intimate podcast we get to know Rai King, equity director, lifelong educator, mother of five, and spouse of Shaun King. She and Shaun candidly discuss the highs and lows of being married and raising a family in the midst of this tumultuous political climate. All episodes launch to members of The North Star first. Become a member at http://thenorthstar.com
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When Shaun travels and campaigns for any cause, campaign, or case that he's working for, it impacts Rai & their kids. Either they stay home and they miss him, or they tag along. This winter break, Rai & the kids joined Shaun as he campaigned for Bernie Sanders across the entire state. On a campaign trail with 5 kids, is almost unimaginable for most of us. While on Bernie's campaign trail, Rai recorded voice memos that showed what it's like to navigate 5 kids and a marriage. On today's episode, Rai & Shaun talk through those clips and talk through what it's like to be a family while doing serious and exhausting political work.